Get all the Benefits of Implementing Digital Tools in your Dealership

Implementing digital tools in your dealership will allow you to save time and money, improve your efficiency and productivity, offer a better experience to your customers and keep relevant in a transforming industry.

Why implement a digital signature and digital invoice solution?

  •  Compliance with local and international laws like the 'crea y crece' and 'electronic signature' laws. 
  • Get your customer and your information secured by the European eIDAS regulation.
  • Take advantage of the Spanish government's 'Kit Digital' subsidy.

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To learn more about these laws, the digitalisation initiatives that the Spanish government is developing and more benefits of implementing a solution for digital signatures and invoices.


Digitalise your customer invoices with our solution: Digital Invoice

  • Secure paperless invoice archiving
  • Digitalisation and cost reductions
  • Fully integrated within your DMS
  • Invoice monitoring in real-time

Sign most cost-effectively with our solution: Digital Signature

  • Connectivity and security with the customer
  • Documents signed remotely
  • Easy to manage and archive
  • Instant use without any additional hardware.
How can a Digital Signature solution help you?

Discover the multiple ways a digital signatures solution can improve your dealership and help you to save money, time and improve your customer experience.

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